In "Breaking Dawn," can Bella control herself when she becomes a vampire? How does she react to it??

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Amazingly...yes, she can control herself. The Cullens had prepared for the worst. In Eclipse, we learned just how vicious new born vampires can be when Victoria attempted to use them to kill Bella and the Cullens. They are literally bloodthirsty. So, when Bella completes her transformation and is able to contain herself around Renesmee and Charlie, everyone is plesantly surprised. No one is exactly sure why this is until Bella's power as a shield are revealed. Bella takes to vampirism like a fish to water. Seeing as how her sheilding powers manifested even before she was turned. The family concludes that Bella was "born" to be a vampire. The lifestyle suits her.

Bella still has other new born side effects. She can still smell human blood, however, she has the ability to resist attacking, which is uncommon for newborns. Her eyes are still blood red (due to the leftover human blood in her veins) and her transformation was just as painful as the others. But, for the most part, her first few days and weeks as a vampire go smoothly.

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Bella is exceptional as a vampire. Of course, as a new vampire, she experiences the "burning thirst" for human blood that other vampires experience. However, unlike other newborn vampires, Bella can control herself and her urges around human beings. For instance, on her first hunting trip, she accidentally stumbles upon a group of humans. However, instead of attacking them like another newborn vampire would, she fights her instincts and walks away.

Not only is Bella blessed in the ability to control her vampire urges, she is also innately an exceptional hunter, and, unlike her human self, she is stealthy and well-coordinated. It is as if she was born to be a vampire, and even the Volturi agree.

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