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Can anyone write a suitable description essay for me? about 350 words and this should be the last paragraph of it. many people find autmn beautiful. but for me the sight of yellowing means one thing only: the end of summer. wuth the first hint of autmn i realize sadly that there are many cold bitter months ahead and it will be along time befor the care free days summer return ones more.

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You might want to check out eNotes' free guide on How to Write a Good Essay on English Literature for some tips.  Also, if you are still having trouble, you can post some specific questions in the Essay Lab Group.

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shauger eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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We are here to answer specific questions, not do your writing for you. The paragraph you have suggested for the ending is a nice one, and I am sure you could do a great job with the rest of it!  What other images does autumn bring to mind for you? Where I live in Minnesota there is a crisp, cleanness in the autumn air.  Grains are harvested and apples are picked.  What is it like where you live? 

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