Can anyone tell me about any experiences they have had with police?Observations, personal insight and other informative law enforcement procedures that anyone has observed, or learned, or...

Can anyone tell me about any experiences they have had with police?

Observations, personal insight and other informative law enforcement procedures that anyone has observed, or learned, or discussed that was great with police.

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, my father is a lieutenant in our city's police force, so I have always had a different relationship with police officers. I liked knowing that my dad was an integral part of the community, and still is. He has coordinated presentations at my site about teenage violence, how to spot bullying, etc. He is also the PD/community liaison for our Gay-Straight Alliance club on campus. Growing up, people would often comment on having a "cop" for a dad: "Isn't he strict?" "Man, you couldn't get away with anything!"...stuff like that. But it was never a problem for me, and I certainly developed a deep appreciation for police services. True, I've met officers I didn't like, and some I didn't respect, but I now consider it just like another profession. I've also met teachers, and salespeople, and artists I didn't like, and many I didn't respect. And no, I've never used my dad's position to get out of a ticket...or any other problem!

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have had mostly good experiences with law enforcement officials over the years. Working as a teacher, I have dealt with many school resource officers as well as police and deputies assigned to sporting events. Most are efficient and professional. I have never dealt with an officer who was deliberately rude or obligerent. I once had to break up a fight between two students at school, and the aggressor tried to have me charged with assault for stopping the beating he was giving. I was read my rights, and I told my story. The police believed me and not the student, and I was exonerated. I have been stopped several times for traffic violations when the officer let me off with a warning. No doubt there are some officers who do not always act professionally or congenially, but I've been pretty lucky not to have been personally associated with them.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All of the experience I have had with law enforcement officials have been positive as well. My uncle was a police officer up until he retired so I have heard numerous stories of things that people had done to break the law.

A particular time that I dealt with the police is when the screen on one of my windows was obviously cut with some kind of knife. Someone had tried to get into my house. I called the police to let them know in case anyone else in the neighborhood had reported anything similar. I did not expect an officer to come to the house but they did. They inspected the window and wrote a detailed report. He also said they were going to patrol the neighborhood. It made me feel safe and I was grateful for that.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My only experience with the police occurred a few years ago as I was traveling through a city to attend a workshop. The speed limit on the city street was 35, and I was going no more than 40. I pulled into the second north bount lane, and casually passed the sherrif car next to me. He pulled me over, and simply told me the speed limit was 35, and it probably wasn't a good idea to pass a law enforcement official if I was breaking the speed limit. He let me go with no ticket.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
My uncle is a policeman in a midsize city with a high crime rate. I am horrified and disgusted by some of the stories he has told. His city went bankrupt, and he went from being a community resource officer to a patrol officer so that he lost his salary, his house and could not retire on time.
lit24 | Student

Policemen are always the friends of the public. They are always kind and helpful. Much of their lives is spent in social service especially in times of emergency.

Once, my house was broken into by a burglar and a few gold ornaments were stolen. The Police responded very promptly to my call for help and were at my house in a few minutes. Their methods of investigation were very scientific and meticulous. Within a few days they apprehended the culprit and managed to retrieve what was stolen from my house.

We must cooperate with the police and give them all the help that they need during the investigation of crime.

Like in all professions there will also be a few black sheep, but we must not criticise all of them.

mkcapen1 | Student

I have had a lot of great or shall I say reputable experiences with the law enforcement personnel.  Once I was on a trip back from Minnesota and broke down in Kentucky.  It was the middle of the night and I had a large van.  I had with me what looked to be five black adult males and two white males.  I too am white. Two police men pulled up and seeing the situation came over to ask us questions.  I explained to them that I was a foster parent and had taken a group of foster male adolescents with me to vacation in Minnesota.  The police arranged for all of us to be transported in two police cars to a local motel, who the one talked into giving me a significant discount due to the circumstances.  The policeman arranged to get my vehicle towed.    The next morning I woke up to a knocking at my door.  Two of the policemen had gotten off duty and had come to help give me a ride to the mechanic.  One stayed back to supervise the children.  In addition, several of their wives came by later that day with food for the kids. 

Another time I was very sick.  I lived in Adelanto, California.  My husband was away at a military school.  I could not drive and I was relatively delirious.  I called the police instead of an ambulance.  Before the ambulance got to the house a police car arrived.  The man stayed with me and even placed a cold rag on my forehead as we waited for the ambulance.  He even followed it to the hospital.  I had no family in the area.  What I did not know was that the policeman had done was wait in the emergency room to find out if I would need a ride home, which I did.  He took me home and came back an hour later with his wife.  The two of them looked after me until I was on my feet again.  I became close friends with them.  To my sadness and his family's he was shot down a year later by a person he had tried to pull over that was carrying drugs.

Police men and women are people who also have compassionate hearts.  Many times the nature of their jobs has made them people we fear instead of respect.