Can explain how "Dusk" is the hour of defeated people?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Dusk," Gortsby feels that the time of day known as dusk is the hour of defeated people. People who live defeated lives come out at dusk. It is a time of day when they will not be recognized because it is almost dark. It is the time of day when they can wander about without feeling as noticeable to society.

At dusk, Gortsby sits on a park bench and analyzes all the people who have come out of hiding. The first gentleman who sits down appears frustrated and down and out. Gortsby imagines that he gets no respect at home. No doubt, the older gentleman is defeated in life. 

After the older gentleman leaves, a younger gentleman sits down and begins telling his sad story. Gortsby at once recognizes that the younger man is making up his tale as he speaks. The younger man cannot find his way back to his hotel. He will have to sleep outside tonight. 

Gortsby would have considered believing his story if he could have produced a bar of soap, the bar of soap he claimed he had wandered out to buy. 

The younger man appears to be a con artist. His story is a scam. As the young man leaves, Gortsby finds a bar of soap under the park bench. It appears that the young man was telling the truth. 

Gortsby chases after the young man to give him his soap and to loan him some money. On his way back, Gortsby sees the older gentleman looking for something under the park bench:

As Gortsby walks back, he passes the bench where he had been sitting. He notices the old man who had also been sitting there earlier. The old man is now searching for something. When Gortsby asks if the old man has lost anything, the man replies, “Yes, sir, a cake of soap.”

As it turns out, Gortsby's philosophy is right. The young man was deceitful. He meandered out at dusk to try and con someone out of money. Ironically, Gortsby who is wiser on such scams fell for the story and all because he found a bar of soap. Gortsby is just as defeated as the young man who told such a fantastic tale. 

It is true that the defeated come out at dusk. The young man is proof. He lives a defeated life. He is lucky on this evening. He walks away with Gortsby money. Who is more defeated on this evening? Gortsby has parted with his money that he will never see again. 

jayanthy | Student

Dusk is the time of the day when it is dark and does not allow people to see much into the face of others around thats with a questioning look people wont look at these men who want to run away from them for they think themselves to be defeated men and for them dusk is the timewhen they could come out. thats the time when nobody would notice the, scrutinise them or qquestion them. It is very true for the defeated come out in the dusk for the young man who lives a defeated life things of himself as a defeated man comes out in the dusk in search of a gullible person and that day the same dusk helped him to succeed for he very easily walked away with the cake of soap that belonged to somebody and also Gortsby's money which he pocketed very quickly and muttered a few words of thanks and rushed out fast