Can anyone suggest the best real estate advisor?

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the answer to your question would depend very much on what type of real estate you are concerned with and what part of the great United States you live in. It is always a problem when you want to get advice about finding a professional, whether it be a lawyer, dentist, doctor, or real estate broker. You want someone with experience and a good reputation. I have always thought that it is a good policy in finding a real estate advisor or broker to check with the local Board of Realtors and also to talk to one of the counselors at the place where you do your banking. Bankers are close to real estate because they are so heavily involved in mortgage lending and escrows. If you just "drop in" at a real estate office, you will end up getting the man or woman who happens to be "up" at that moment, the one who is having "floor time." This, of course, is a gamble. The biggest real estate firms often have the most experienced and most reliable representatives. But real estate people in general only know about real estate in their own limited areas, so you have to decide what specific area you are interested in and what type of real estate--commercial, industrial, residential--you are concerned with.