Can anyone recommend some good books?  I'm looking for books about people in love and how one dies. Nothing too cliché like Romeo and Juliet, but more modern day books I guess. Or even any books...

Can anyone recommend some good books?  

I'm looking for books about people in love and how one dies. Nothing too cliché like Romeo and Juliet, but more modern day books I guess. Or even any books to do with death.  Thanks.

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Ah, to attempt this without giving many plot spoilers, ...

Seeing that you are in 10th grade (and mind you, I can't BELIEVE that I am about to recommend this book), but have you thought about reading the Twilight series?  It's got it all:  love and death with a vampire twist.

In looking further into your questions, I couldn't figure out whether you wanted love and death to be connected.  If not, then I would also recommend Tuesdays With Morrie which can tug at your heartstrings through the plight of the elderly.

BUT the absolute BEST thing I can think of that is both modern and combines both love and death is The Notebook.  First read the book.  Then watch the movie.  Marvel at the unconditional love there.  Stand in awe of it!

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If you are looking for a book with a unique approach to the subject of death, I suggest The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.  It is not a traditional love story, but love is definitely a theme.  In this case, it is not romantic love so much as the love between a brother and sister, but one dies and the other has to manage it.  The book is partly narrated by Death during the Holocaust, and it is fascinating and very different!

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I've never read any of her books, but my students have loved Lurlene McDaniel would be a source you might want to check out. She was on a specialized list in our library of "books that make you cry." I joke with my daughters that someone always dies in a Nicholas Sparks books, but he writes wonderful and poignant books. Jodie Piccoult also writes some fiction that might qualify.

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I recently read an interesting novel titled My Name is Memoryby Ann Brashares.  She is the author of the popular Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.  The premise of this novel is that people are born again into new human lives, and that some rare people remember their past lives.  In this story, one man remembers his past lives and one of his past loves from 1000 years ago.  He loves her so much that he continually tries to reconnect with her in their subsquent lives.  The novel is pure fun, fiction and has no overt religious message about reincarnation -- it merely uses the idea as the premise of this man's compelling story.  That said, it is still a very intriguing idea!