Can anyone please write a short paragraph giving at least three of the plot developments in the excerpt of Romeo and Juliet ACT 1 SCENES 1-3. I need an answer ONLY from Act 1 Scenes 1-3. Thank You

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Much is packed into the first three scenes of Romeo and Juliet. Important plot developments include the following:

After a street brawl between the Capulets and the Montagues, Escalus, the prince of Verona, arrives on the scene. He is angry and fed up because the constant feuding is disturbing the peace of Verona. Therefore, he tells the families that the next time they fight in the streets, heads will literally roll: he is going to execute the perpetrators. This establishes the situation which will lead to Romeo's banishment. In scene two, the plot develops as Romeo learns that Rosaline will be at the Capulet party. At the urging of his friends, Romeo decides to go. This will lead to Romeo meeting and falling in love with Juliet. In scene three, Juliet's mother tells her that Paris is interested in marrying her and would be a good match. Juliet has no objections at this point. Later, Paris's suit will help propel the plot to its tragic end, as Juliet will feign death to avoid marrying him.

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The first step to writing a good paragraph is coming up with a topic sentence.  Every other sentence in the paragraph should refer to that topic; if it does not, it should be omitted from the paragraph.  In this particular case, an appropriate topic sentence might be something like, "In Act One, Scenes One through Three of Romeo and Juliet, plot developments include the exposition and some elements of the rising action of the play."  Of course, that is not the only option.

In writing this paragraph, I would mention the information that is given in the exposition, such as the fact that the Montague and Capulet families are feuding (violence three times), another outbreak of violence will result in executions, etc.  Important examples of rising action, which are leading to the climax of the play, should also be addressed.  Some examples of the rising action in these scenes include the fight between Benvolio and Tybalt, Paris's desire to marry Juliet and Juliet's mother's agreement to the idea, and Benvolio and Romeo's plan to "crash" the Capulet party. 

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