Slam! Questions and Answers
by Walter Dean Myers

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Can anyone please tell me what can be the antagonist in Slam! by Walter Dean Myers? i am thinking about Greg's basketball coach but i don't have much information.  Please and thanks!

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An antagonist is a character who acts as an opponent to the protagonist, the central figure in a novel.  The antagonist may be a person, or it may be a larger force, like the environment.  There might also be a number of different antagonists in a story, at different points in the protagonist's development.

The protagonist in Slam! is Greg "Slam" Harris.  Slam's coach, who recognizes that Slam has amazing talent in basketball but thinks that he is a "prima donna", works as an antagonist against him.  The coach mockingly chides Slam for not being a team player, disrespecting him frequently before his teammates...

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