In "To Kill A Mockingbird", can anyone please tell me the summary of chapter 18?

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Chapter 18 covers Mayella Ewell's testimony on the stand.  Mr. Gilmer, the prosecuting attorney, puts her on the stand and asks what happened.  She reveals that she asked Tom to move a piece of furniture for her that was in the front yard, and when she went in the house to get a nickel, he came up behind her and grabbed her on the neck, hit her, and took advantage of her.  Then her father came in yelling "who done it?"  Mr. Gilmer clarifies that she fought him, and that Tom did indeed take advantage of her.  Then Atticus gets up and gets some background info. on the Ewells-that they are on welfare, that there are a lot of kids, that Papa is a drunk and often gone.  Atticus asks if she has friends and she is puzzled.  He clarifies details of the fight, asked where the other kids were, then asks if her father beat her up.  He instilled that doubt in the jury, the possibility that it could have been her dad all along that did all of it.  She ends up crying.  Then, the jury goes to deliberate. 

For a more detailed summary, look at the links below.This is a very important chapter, as Atticus presents what is probably the correct truth, and lets the jury know what really happened.

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