Can anyone please help with #22 or #23 and its dimentional analysis?

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

(1) Dimensions of box are 25cm x 10cm x 10cm . The volume of the box is `2500"cm"^3` ; 2500cc is 2.5liters. How many boxes per peck?

1 peck is 2 dry gallons or 537.605 cu in. which is approximately 8.81 liters.

`(1"box")/(2500"cc")*(1000"cc")/(1l)*(8.81l)/(1"peck")~~3.524 "box"/"peck"`

** The volume of the box is approximately 152.56 cu in. 537.605/152.56 is approximately 3.524 **

(2) The dimensions for the gas tank are 20cm x 45cm x 20cm. The volume of the gas tank is 18000cc. How many gallons per tank?

The volume of the tank is 18 liters.

One gallon is 231 cubic inches or approximately 3.785 liters.

`(18l)/"tank"*(1"gal")/(3.785l)~~4.645 "gal"/"tank"`

** There are 2.54 cm per inch -- the volume of the tank is about 1098.42 cu in. There are 231 cu in per gallon, so the tank holds about 4.75 gal. The difference is in the rounding errors. **