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Can anyone please help me think of a good topics sentence/ hook for my speech on illusions? its needs to be really interesting and really grab the audience's attention.my speech is on optical illusions, how they work, different types and uses of illusions (ie flight simulators ). the hook can be anythink from an interesting fact to a interesting question. thank you..

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Can you use visual props with your speech? Consider finding an illusion that you can present to the class and start with the reaction to it. A subject like illusions demands audience involvement, and participation in trying to determine what they are viewing would be a great hook to get them interested in your topic!

One possible source would be one or more of the illustrations of Maurits Cornelis (M. C.) Escher. Starting in the mid-1930's, he created a body of work that is known for creating mind-bending illusions of incredible detail; "brilliant play with optical illusion to represent, for example, staircases that seem to go both up and down in the same direction." His work is frequently printed in black and white, so the contrast in the colors would help your audience appreciate the impact and illusion being presented by the intricate interweaving parts of the illustration.

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that is a very good idea but unfortunatley, we can not have any sort of props thank you anyways