can anyone please give me websites that contain an article about any controversial issue on education? thankscan anyone please give me websites that contain an article about any controversial issue...

can anyone please give me websites that contain an article about any controversial issue on education? thanks

can anyone please give me websites that contain an article about any controversial issue on education? thanks

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rshaffer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to the suggestions above, I would look into the issue of testing.  The question of whether we are testing our students too much is a hot topic.  In PA, we give our students the PSSA exams in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science.  History will soon be added.  This year, students will be taking these tests 3 1/2 weeks in April.  Think about it, there will be little teaching, if any, in the month of April for PA juniors.  In addition, our district takes class time to practice for these exams using the 4Sight program.  Oh, and don't forget the PSAT, ACT, SAT, AP exams, and classroom exams.  I look for education in PA to soon be testing 180 days of the school year!!! Enough is enough already!

Some websites you might want to look into are:


timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that you investigate school funding.  I know that these days in my state, Arizona, funding is a major issue.  Local communities are being asked to assume more and more of the funding that used to be handled by the state, and there is wide discussion about whether or not citizens want to pay for band, art, and some athletic programs in our local school districts.  We will vote on a budget override that will fund some of these, but there is widespread opposition by citizens who feel that the money they are paying now is not being used well.


Another issue that you might find interesting is the possibility of funding all public and private schools through vouchers.  Parents would get a voucher that they could use at the school of their choice; no more just going to school in your neighborhood, and no more having to attend under-performing schools.  It's not as common a topic as some of the others,  but I think it's something that is on the horizon ... merit pay for schools :)

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are so many controversial issues in education today that it is difficult to know how to choose an issue.  Here are some possibilities for you:

Charter Schools

Accountability for teachers

No Child Left Behind

If you simply put key words into the Google search engine, you will find thousands of articles on these issues.  The Washington Post and the New York Times have search engines on their websites, as well.  Your school is likely to have an EBSCO subscription, and you should talk to someone at the school library to find out how to access this amazing and wonderful database.  A specific database for education is ERIC, which you should be able to access through your school, too. 

Now, the issues I suggested are about politics and education.  If you need a more pedagogical focus and peer-reviewed articles, EBSCO is the database you should be using.  For example, you will find articles about constructivism or rote learning, still a controversial topic in some circles, or articles about whether ESL students should be completely immersed in English at all times.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Similar to the previous posts, the issue of tenure for public school teachers is one that, like others, is being revisited.  School boards are making it increasingly tougher for teachers to be tenured and some are moving for it to be eliminated entirely.  Some sites below might assist you:

Another very pressing issue is the notion of professional development and the form it will take.  The fact that there are so many methods to engage in professional development creates controversy.  I would discuss this, also.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure if you teach or where you teach, but I teach in a small, rural school district--400 tops k-12. I see issues everyday that occur as a result of boys and/or girls interacting in the classroom, and while I don't know if I would like a single gender classroom, I do know it would be controversial in my neck of the woods.

thewritingteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

And then, of course, there's the school choice/voucher arguments---add into that home school, charter school, private school, and magnet school----now THERE's a hot button issue! Where would vouchers be allowed? Who would receive them? Would they work to improve underperforming schools or would they just make the problems worse? There are a million ways to take the discussion. For balance, add home school and charter school sites to your research...

dkgarran eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teacher Magazine has some good coverage of issues.

You might also try the Chronicle of Higher Education.

As for topics: The practicality and effectiveness of No Child Left Behind, homeschooling, charter schools and their funding. You could also consider the efficacy of single-sex education or the plight of urban schools.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might also search "merit pay" in any search engine of your choice.  This is the controversial issue about teachers getting paid according to how their students perform on standardized or state tests.  It is a form of accountability, but most teachers do not support it due to the belief that there are some students who would sabotage the results on purpose for whatever reason.

Good Luck!

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My father has solved the whole "public education" crisis--vouchers. Then "good" schools would get the "good" students, schools would have to be more competitive in order to draw in the good students, and etc. This is after substiting just a few days. No telling what we do with or where we'll put the students who are going to to school in order to be  good students.

melissa-ragan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Check out They always have information on all the latest controversial topics in education.

One topic you might want to consider: Educating children of illegal immigrants.  Some good discussion questions are:

Who should pay for it?

Should kids be punished for their parent's actions?


monicabenson | Student

I didn't see this topic mentioned. There has been a debate about abstinence only education for quite some time. This article may help.

balajist | Student

nearly 1/3 of population is directly or indirectly related to education field, so its obvious to see many controversial issues in this field. You can use community to get the issues day by day.


gastudio | Student

Controversies Regarding Math Education

The widespread disagreement over the best method to teach math in the US schools, a decade ago  has culminated in a high profile objection to the endorsement by the US Department of Education the recommended mathematics programs by the National Council  of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  The plea, signed by 200 mathematicians and other scholars, included four Nobel laureates, two recipients of the Fields Medal, the top honor for mathematicians, and was published as a full page ad in the Washington Post on 11/22/1999. The signatories of the petition  were urging the Secretary of Education to rescind  his support for the math programs that are making the children in the USA inefficient in mathematical operations. The controversy is centered mainly around the use of computational algorithms, and it is highlighted in the ad by the following quote from the proponents of the so called "fuzzy math".

" It's time to recognize that, for many students, real mathematical power, on one hand, and facility with multidigit, pencil-and- paper computational algorithms, on the other, are mutually exclusive. In fact, it's time to acknowledge that continuing to teach these skills to our students is not only unnecessary but counterproductive and downright dangerous" ?