Please describle briefly the main characters in chapter 2 of "The Hiding Place."

Expert Answers
linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 2, "Full Table," describes Corrie ten Boom's childhood. The main characters in the chapter are:

Corrie--the author and protagonist, or person who the story is about.

Casper ten Boom--Corrie's father. He is well-loved in the Haarlem community. He works as a watchmaker and repairer. In this chapter, Corrie recalls how she loved to go to Amsterdam with him, where he would buy parts for watches.

Mama ten Boom--Corrie's mother. Mama would often visit the poor, and Corrie tells of visiting a home in which a baby had died. That was the first time Corrie had been faced with death.

Tante Jens, Tante Bep, and Tante Anna--Corrie's aunt, her mother's sisters. The aunts are very disappointed in Corrie's behavior on the first day of school. Corrie didn't want to go, and refused to budge from the front steps. Her father had to unwind her fingers from the rail. The aunts disapproved and talked about what how defiant she was.