Can anyone name and explain some quotes that prove Romeo and Juliet loved each other in Romeo and Juliet?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the nature of the question is a challenge.  I believe that there can be a strong level of analysis as to whether both of them were really in love with one another or whether or not it was a combination of youthful embrace of rebellion and passion.  If there is "love" present, I think that it is in Juliet, who probably bears much more than Romeo does.  As a young woman of marrying age at the time, she endures far more in terms of sacrifice than Romeo does.  When Romeo kills her cousin, there are moments when we see her truly engaging in questioning about whether or not she has "backed the right horse" in this race.  She examines whether or not her freedom and choice was accurate in Act III, sc. iii.  It is at this structural middle point of the play that we see Juliet examine the nature of love, its complexity that lies in loving a person but not what they do.  In the end, it is this reality that hits Juliet and causes her to be committed to her love for Romeo, even though she is aware that the ending might not be a happy one.  In siding with love, we probably get a good glimpse and some wonderful quotes about how she loved him.

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