Can anyone make me an acrostic poem for Jem, from To Kill a Mockingbird?Please do NOT use only words. It has to be a sentence for each letter.

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What a wonderful assignment for To Kill a Mockingbird. I am assuming that you will need lines for Jem's entire name.  (I am hoping that the poem needs to be written using Jem and not Jeremy.)

J- Just a quick-witted boy is Dill.

E- Exasperated by his sister, is he.

M- Maycomb is the town he calls home.

F- Finally, he gets the courage.

I- In an effort to conceal his fears, he touches Boo's house.

N- Nothing can stop him now.

C- Concerned about the feelings of the town is he.

H- He hopes that his dad can change their minds.

I know that some of the sentences are inverted in form, but in order to use the proper form of the acrostic poem, it had to be done.


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