Can anyone list the work of the characters whilst demolishing Old Misery's house in "The Destructors"?

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What is impressive about the gang is the way that this shared unity of purpose as they join in their act of destruction of Old Misery's house allows them to work efficiently and effectively. It is clear that each boy is given his own role and that he works at it diligently and without problems. Consider the following quote:

Summers with hammer and chisel was ripping out the skirting-boards in the ground floor dining room: he had already smashed the panels of the door. In the same room Joe was heaving up the parquet blocks, exposing the soft wood floorboards over the cellar. Coils of wire came out of the damaged skirting and Mike sat happily on the floor, clipping the wires.

In addition two more were sawing through the bannisters and Blackie is given the job of demolishing the bathroom. Although of course these roles and responsibilities change as the process of destruction continues, it gives testament to the carefully organised way in which T. organised the gang and how this unity and shared purpose allowed them to function as a cohesive group.

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