Can anyone help write a bio poem on Lady Macbeth?Thanks!

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A bio poem on Lady Macbeth (from Shakespeare's play Macbeth) could look something like this:


Demanding, Sly, Demeaning, Power Hungry

Daughter of Boedhe of Scotland

Lover of power, blood, fainting

Who feels madness, hate, and too much like a woman

Who gives up her sanity, her morality, her life.

Who fears being a woman, being married to a spineless man, loss of power

Who would like to see The Dagger, Banquo's Ghost, Her Sanity

Who lives buried in the ground in Scotland



Don't forget, the bio poem is written centered on the page so that the lines form a diamond. I simply could not figure out how to do it in this type of forum. Hope this works for you.

florine | Student

  Lady Macbeth's

  Own child , "the Idiot" was crowned after her death

  Thanks to his grandfather he wore the golden ring

  Lady Macbeth did not murder her own child

  But became mad with rage

  Pitied a lot by fond Macbeth

 Before she fell off the cliff.

  Before, at last, the tyrant, Macbeth, was slain, beheaded

 Both heads are reunited but "The time is free"

molybaby | Student
lover of macbeth, power, who believes she wont get caught, murder is easy, who wants to rule who give macbeth confidence who says to wash their hands clean of the murder