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Can anyone help me write an introductory paragraph on my regarding Hurricane Sandy?

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I think that your introduction is going to be dependent on your thesis or main idea of the essay.  Usually, I feel that the introduction should be one of the last elements composed because it will encompass ideas that are reinforced in the essay, framing it and the thesis statement along with its supports.  The introduction must be geared along these lines.  With that in mind, it is difficult to write about a strong introduction without knowing what the paper is addressing.  Obviously, some part of the introduction will talk about the damage from the storm.  By some estimates, the cost will soar to about 50 billion dollars worth of damage.  Another element would be the human element to the storm.  When the President hugs a New Jersey woman who has lost so much, it is a moment when everyone grasps the enormity of the situation and of the storm's grasp.  At the same time, the discussion of how climate change impacts these intense storms might be another part of the introduction.  Yet, a strong introduction is one in which the thesis statement and its supportive elements are raised.  When this is established, I think that the introduction can be very strong and this is where I sense that your work lies.

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