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by Arthur Miller

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Can anyone help me with writing my body paragraphs for abigail williams in the crucible? This is critcal that I get as much help/feedback as possible Here's some of my first body paragraph. Please give feedback on things that i could change. Paragraph 1: Abigail Williams is looked at as a person who will go to extreme limits to gets what she wants.   She was dealt a bad hand of cards as a child because of the murder of her parents, which caused her to view the world from a negative perspective. This also caused her to think that death wasn’t as important as others thought it to be.  Abigail was a natural-born leader. Using this to her advantage, she led a group of girls out into the woods to do witch-craft. The other girls knew that going into the woods wasn’t a good idea, but they all went anyway because they are both afraid of and in need of acceptance from Abigail. Shorty after being seen in the woods by Reverend Parris, the girls brought a lot of suspicion upon themselves. Abigail is the first one confronted about the encounter with the girls in the woods, and thus the first one to develop a lie for the girls to tell. From this, we can see that Abigail uses her power to her advantage to manipulate the girls. Abigail knows that the girls are both afraid of and in need of acceptance from her, which is why she could easily get them to lie for her.  In the private conversation between the girls in Act I, it is clear that Betty is scared of and intimidated by Abigail since she drank blood in the woods with Tituba. can someone give me some idea's or quotes from other Acts to help me write some more paragraphs?

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You would do well to also include the relationship between Abigail and John Proctor. We could look at Proctor as a surrogate "father figure" for Abigail, who lost her own father so early in life. It is clear that Proctor took Abigail's virginity, and her loss of innocence is evident in her intimidation of the other girls. She was willing to be honest with Proctor in Act 1, but only because she thought she had the same hold on Proctor that he has on her. When she sees that he has "forgotten" her, she uses her ruthless nature to eliminate the person she sees as an obstacle: Elizabeth Proctor, John's wife.

I also encourage you to explore the absurdity of the absolute nature of the judges to believe a girl they thought of as a victim. According to them, Abigail had no reason whatsoever to lie. We the readers, in a case of dramatic irony, know better.

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