Can anyone help me with a topic for my sociology research paper?The topic can be about any of the institutions religion, family, education, heath, economic

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That leaves things pretty wide open, which I like.  Institutions are interesting because they are both static, yet subject to change over time.  You might want to look at the changing definition of the family, whether that be in terms of children born out of wedlock, people living together for long periods of time without marrying, single parenthood, or increasing popular acceptance of gay marriage and gay adoption.

In terms of religion, you could look at why, in the United States and some other societies, diversity of religion is more tolerated, while in other societies it is not.  What social factors could account for that?

For education, you could compare and contrast the role of family and schools in socialization.  Do schools play a unique role in socialization or do they simply reinforce that which family provides people?  The public at large?