Can anyone help me with questions from Winter in the Blood by James Welch?i am doing an entire project about this book and i need two art pieces that mesh with it as well.

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Do you have specific questions about the novel itself that we can help you with?  If you can point me in the right direction with those, I'll edit this response to address those questions.

If you are simply looking for art that reflects the themes of the book, it would make the most sense to me that you find pieces that reflect some or all of the following:

1)  Montana/The West

2)  Reservation life

3)  Traditional or modern Native life

4)  Portraits of Natives

It would seem ideal to me as well that the art you choose be produced by Native Americans, and if possible, by Blackfoot artists, as the story takes place among this tribe, and the author James Welch was half Blackfoot. You can do a Google or an image search for Native American Art, or Blackfoot art, and choose pieces you like.

Response to post below:

Actually, I think you just stated the central purpose.  There is a hopelessness in this novel.  Alcohol and poverty and loss of heritage are common themes and realities on some Native reservations in the United States.  I see this theme in other novels Welch has written too (In particular, The Death of Jim Loney).  Sometimes, lack of purpose is the central purpose.  Hope that helps.

eyeroxx | Student

i also definitely didnt find anything odd about the syntax or diction throughout the book.

What would you say about that?

eyeroxx | Student

what would you say the internal/external conflicts are? and im having problems deciding the climax of the book as well

eyeroxx | Student

i dont really understand the whole point to the novel I dont feel as if the narrator grows at all or changes throughout it. I do not understand the central purpose.

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