Can anyone help me with my biology brochure?i have to make a cell brochure for biology and advertise our "city"and its an amusment park so we have to make up creative things for the...

Can anyone help me with my biology brochure?

i have to make a cell brochure for biology and advertise our "city"
and its an amusment park so we have to make up creative things for the different parts of the cell
something like:
you can take the golgi apparatus to get around the amusment park
or something like that...
im having trouble though:/
can anyone help me?
the nucleus
the smooth endoplasmic reticulum
the rough endoplasmic retuculum
golgi apparatus

thank you!:]

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This sounds like a fun project, and I love creativity, so here's my two-cents' worth:

What if you created a water park and made the nucleus the kids' pool and play's the largest spot since there are many parents with small children who want to lounge on chaises and watch their kiddos splashing and sliding on kiddie slides.

From there, the endoplasmic reticulum looks like a maze to me.  This could either be a hedge maze for the water park for people to picnic and take a break from the water, or it could be like the lazy river that surrounds and cuts through the park on it's route.  Don't forget the inner tube rental shack!

The golgi apparatus, based on its location in the cell, looks like a good place to put the gift shop at the entry/exit gate.

Vacuoles could be labeled as strollers or some other convenience item that guests can rent like a cooler during their visit to the park.

Lysosomes are located in several places in the cell, and since they deal with digestion, it would be a great idea to make them snack bars.  Ice cream and slushy shack, pizza and hamburger, etc.

The mitochondria would be a good place to put a first aid clinic in the event that someone at the park has heatstroke or some other health emergency while a guest at the park.

This is just an idea...hope it helps!  Good Luck, and have fun with this project.

moondance83 | Student

What about the Gogli as some sort of UPS ride (I always call it the UPS store, because it puts things into a package and then sends it on its way)

 Don't use the Gogli as the way to get around the cell though (as you mentioned earlier) as that is not the correct function.  you would want to say that the ER can take you around the park.