Can anyone help me with examples for my essay? I have to write an essay about the Internet, and how it brings people around the world together, in reguarding worldwide affairs and whatnot. I'm thinking about including someting about how the internet forced individuals, corporations, and governments to rethink the relationships between laws and national borders. but I'm having trouble coming up with examples for each of these, withoug generalizing. Does anyone have any experiences or know of anything?

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One example that comes to mind is the recent Wikileak situation.  Assange, whom I believe has been operating from Greenland, has managed to acquire and leak confidential American materials, and the legal situation seems a bit murky.  You might want to do some research on the international legal implications of the situation, which include what laws govern Assange's actions, as well as the actions of other entities and people involved in the situation, including individual supports and various entities, such as Visa and Mastercard, which were the funnel through which supporting funds have been channeled, and servers, which provided access to these leaked documents.  I have provided a link to one article that discusses some of the problems, and there are many others. 

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