Can anyone help me with an essay about the basic building blocks of biological molecules?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Biological molecules are those molecules that are associated with the life functions and primarily happening in every cell. These molecules are essential in order to pursue metabolism and eventually support life. These biological molecules have building blocks which we term as the monomers. Here is a list of some biological molecules and their building blocks.

Protein - amino acids. There are currently 20 known amino acids that exists naturally in nature. 

Carbohydrates - simple sugars; monosaccharide

Lipids – is composed fatty acids and glycerol which are connected to each other forming an ester bonds.

Nucleic acids - sugar, phosphate and nitrogen bases which collectively known as the nucleotides.

sciencesolve | Student

There exists four types of basic building blocks of molecules, such that: lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

Proteins are the basic molecules that support an important number of processes of life and they contain two or more strings of amino-acids that interact between them.

Carbohydrates are usually called sugars and they are molecules that consist of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and they are providers of energy.

Lipids are hydrocarbon molecules that are not soluble in water and the metabolization of lipids sets free the useful energy for living organisms.

Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) have the needed information to build proteins and gene replication is impossible without enzymes, that are proteins. Though, some types of RNA can operate as an enzyme, which is a protein, and it also can replicate itself.