Can anyone help me please on writing an essay on this topic "Aren't people somehow overreacting about swine flu?" Discuss showing a clear standpoint.From my point of view, i agree that people are...

Can anyone help me please on writing an essay on this topic "Aren't people somehow overreacting about swine flu?"

Discuss showing a clear standpoint.

From my point of view, i agree that people are overreacting about it but i need more examples to support my opinion.

Moreover, i need a clear topic sentence and a good thesis statement as well.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the answers above about the media and comparative threats especially.  Another thing to consider is our tendency as Americans and humans to overreact.  We do particularly irrational things when are afraid, and swine flu is no exception.

There is also a part of human psychology that reacts to threats in this manner.  We hear the first reports and we tend to discount them.  More and more people talk about them and we perhaps hear of the first cases.  We hear the government and media warning us to get vaccinations and see the signs at local grocery stores and clinics.  At some point, we decide better safe than sorry, and become part of the overreaction.

Media is part of the problem, usually.  They operate on crisis reporting, believing it to be more profitable with higher ratings. Recently, the major networks did nonstop coverage of Haiti for weeks.  While this was a horrible tragedy and certainly newsworthy, there were many other events happening here and around the world that were important for Americans to be informed about that never made the evening news shows.

A realistic assessment of the swine flu threat would have been much more helpful than a twelve-part series on the 1919 flu epidemic that killed millions, and the overuse of the word "pandemic".

jmj616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For starters, I would research the following points:

a) How many people have died from swine flu in the last year?

b) How many people, on average, die each year from "regular" flu?

c) Of those who have died from swine flu, how many recieved the swine flu vaccine? (In other words, is it relatively easy to control this virus by means of vaccine?)

d) How do the chances of dying from swine flu compare to the chances of dying from crossing the street, from bungee jumping, from taking a domestic airline flight?

e) Have those who have taken the swine flu vaccination suffered any serious side effects?

When you have the answers to these questions, I think you will find it pretty easy to come up with a thesis statement.

As for a topic sentence, think about mentioning the idea that although it is heartbreaking to hear about even one person dying from swine flu, the disease is nonetheless not a reason to panic. 

Below are some links to sites that may help you answer some of the questions above.  

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many things that you can say to build a solid argument. The good thing is that you thesis is clear - people are overreacting with respect to the swine flu. I think one of the best arguments that you can make is the power of the media. If something gets a lot of attention, then people are apt to overreact. A perfect example of this is the Y2K scare that took place ten years ago, when people thought that all computers would crash. This got so much air play in the media that it caused quite a panic. You could also point out that there is medication for this, which mitigates the dangers somewhat.

lola21 | Student

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