Can anyone help me out on my sociological argument that taste is classified by the way people live and the environment that surrounds them.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The topic is a bit on the broad side.  It might be difficult to compose a paper on this particular topic because it is taking much of Bourdieu's topic and restating it.  Perhaps, it might help to focus on the modern implications of his argument and assess this.  For example, where are there elements of the cultural capital notion in today's society.  Do we see this more now than ever before?  Extrapolate this and something real interesting develops.  If the inner city realm is more inexorable than in years past, many kids who live in the inner city have rarely experienced cultural capital elements, becoming another set of opportunities that they have been denied.  This can be seen in discussion of artistic concepts or even regular and consistent internet access.  Examining the cultural capital notions in the modern setting might be particularly interesting.  It might also bring some level of focus and understanding to your paper.  This provides a bit more of narrowed end to your writing and might allow you to forge some interesting connections that might not be so apparent in the original thesis statement.

jasmineasuncion | Student

Thank you!

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