Can anyone help me find a short story that parallels my life? I've been looking for so long and i cannot find anything that is appropriate to my life. It has to be by a British, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish author. i'll tell you a little bit about my life to let you know what to look for? Thank you so much, this is so frustrating when you don't know many short stories so i figured since most of the helpers here are teachers they'll know. So I moved from Honduras to the US when I was 10 for economic issues, since it's pretty bad over there. I moved a lot while living in the US. When i came here i didn't know English at all. I draw a lot. Maybe something about coming from another culture to a whole new culture? I don't tell people much about my personal life, I'm not close to anyone.   That is all i can think for now. I hope that will do, thank you so much.  

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Have you read James Joyce's book of short stories, Dubliners? Maybe one of the stories there will provide you with what you are looking for. He was an Irish author interested in a number of themes relating to the individual's relationship to his community. 


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As defied above, there are many different stories which speak to the trials and tribulations immigrants face when moving to a different country. I have found a link which provides lists and links to short stories which may help.

Outside of that, one book I found has multiple short stories in it: The Circuit: Stories for the Life of a Migrant Child.


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You’re in luck, because there are a lot of short stories about coming to another culture.  Any of the stories from The Joy Luck Club would work, especially “Two Kinds” which is about a young Chinese American girl whose mother wants her to be a prodigy.  I think “The Circuit” by Francisco Jiménez might work too.  You might also try “Ribbons” by Laurence Yep. 

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