Can anyone help me improve this essay or correct mistakes?                                          Why so many people divorce these days Is marriage...

Can anyone help me improve this essay or correct mistakes?

                                         Why so many people divorce these days

Is marriage endangered? Every day we hear around us couples considering divorce as an alternative for matrimonial crisis. Whether we heard that young people are coming to age wedding wonder if marriage really worth it, or is already an institution obsolete. There is ample evidence that a stable and satisfying marriage is crucial for the welfare of adults; and more importantly, for socialization own and general welfare of children but despite that every year the statistics on divorce still increasing.There are three main causes of divorce:infidelity, abuse and lack of communication in marriage.

The first common problems the cause people divorce is the infidelity.Discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful generates a devastating amount of distrust. To betray, he has ruined the confidence indispensable element in the relationship. Furthermore, infidelity destroys the feelings of faith are sacred in your marriage. Spouses who have blind trust in their partners are those who suffer the greatest emotional trauma because they are the least likely suspect. Consequently his infidelity can not only make him distrust but doubt your own judgment. In addition, suffering from loss of confidence in the relationship can be manifested in the victim on several emotions at once. For example feelings of insignificance, anxiety and depression can be mixed with frustration, anger and contempt behavior towards oneself. As a result retrieve your marriage after an affair can be extremely challenging when the victim constantly reminded betrayal and demand to know every intimate detail of the circumstances of infidelity. For example, I have a friend who was deceived by her husband but still feel so much pain knowing decided to forgive the deception. However since their marriage was not the same because she no longer had the same confidence. When the husband came home from work she was checking his phone, checked their shirts to see if there are any notes or any brand of lipstick. And so it was creating an atmosphere of distrust and fights between them until two months ago she decided to end her marriage because her life around and just felt tormenting her husband feelings of contempt and hatred. As a result of this betrayal, the innocent spouse may become obsessed with knowing the whereabouts of her unfaithful partner during the day and question every time is late, investigate your phone calls and what it does on the computer. At that time, it seemed love, is become in frustration, anger and hatred, for this reason coexistence becomes unbearable for both spouses to the point of divorce.

Other big problem that cause people divorce is the abuse between couples. When speaking of domestic violence some people may think of blows or violent actions of a husband against wife or vice versa. However, physical violence, beatings and injuries are only part of what is truly domestic violence. Furthermore, domestic violence can be defined as any kind of action, attitude, and use of physical force or words to control a person, within a loving relationship. Violence occurs when emotional or spiritual integrity of a person is attacked.It is true that marriage goes through several stages, including adaptation, but only the great desire to have a very good relationship and work for it, is what will be achieved and thus the satisfaction of a mature relationship, support, true coexistence and mutual respect. However, it is logical that initially have difficulties, after all are worlds adapting, and the possibilities to disagree or disagree there, obviously, they are two people sharing a life, but how is discussed and talks about these difficulties, or differences of opinion is very different.An example of abuse is my friend Betty leading 10 months married to her husband, and as 2 months of fighting does not stop. She tells me that her husband is confused because he turns to everything he says, he never asks for an apology for his screams and abuse. Betty really is a good friend and wife, but her husband has taken to limit seeking a divorce because she says that her husband never hit physically but that psychological abuse are even more traumatic for her because I never thought that the person who loved both outside the monster it is today. I have counseled, even to go to therapy, but her husband did not wanted to accept and now more than ever it has been decided not to continue a marriage to her husband, "so sad to say but happens in these situations," so says betty. No need to yell at someone else, or go to mistreatment, much less humiliate your partner, because all that is achieved is to crack the relationship and the other. Sometimes this form of humiliating and abusing the other are associated with low self-concept, feelings of inferiority, and somehow is modus operandi makes subconsciously feel surer of themselves, and above the other. But as a result are becoming larger cracks, lack of respect is becoming a feature of the relationship, and at any moment we can only make a decision before it is too late and although the word divorce to top very hard sounds is the most logical step to take when the damage is irreversible.

The last problems and the most common in marriage is the lack of communication. Communication is the bond between people, even more so between husband and wife, which breaks down barriers, promotes mutual understanding, facilitate conflict resolution and even helps prevent them. There are many reasons why you can get to establish an inefficient communication between the couple. Perhaps the principal of these reasons is that they never learned to establish effective communication. Men, for example, are accused of being little expressive in their way of communicating. Come home and say "hello, my love. All right? I go to the bedroom because I come very tired "can be all his talk of leaving your partner with sense of frustration and emptiness.On the other hand, the woman who chooses to remain silent when you feel hurt by something her husband said or did, is acting in the same way to not feel able to express their feelings or feel that he did not understand and that therefore , there is no point trying. But more serious is that neither ends up deciding to take the step to tell the other what is happening, or find a way that allows them to communicate more clearly and directly. For instance, I do not want to argue with you. "" Right now I do not want to talk about that. “Everything’s fine, honey." the phrases how are you've heard many times my partner and more at the beginning of our marriage. however the passing of the years there are still some difficulties in communication, but we have tried to listen to each other and both have tried to listen more, understand and try to solve through a good conversation many issues and aspects that damaged our good communication and that as many cases of marriages with these same problems, but they dare not have to face them and that's when divorce comes.   The consequence will be to continue communicating inappropriately, what will go farther and farther, even without being aware of what is destroying the relationship. Solitary confinement and isolation generate more loneliness and cause major problems, causing growing dissatisfaction accompanied by frustration, resentment, guilt and helplessness.As a result many couples decide that divorce is the best solution because they do not understand and the atmosphere between them becomes empty and unbearable.

In conclusion, many people divorce these days because keep the marriage after an affair by one of the spouses becomes a torment, the emotional abuse and physical creates a vacuum in the coexistence and mutual respect that should be taken each spouse,and the lack of communication that completely kills love. It's time to make a call to all marriages today, and also those in plan to marry: Learn to communicate, take courses if necessary. Control their violent impulses and give your relationship the attention it deserves and not make such a painful betrayal as it is infidelity. All these factors are in one way or another killing love leaving only the ashes of that so beautiful love swore in marriage. .

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main problems in this essay are a lack of evidence and weak focus. Your introduction covers a wide range of topics, and makes a large number of unsupported claims, something that indicates, inter alia, too broad a topic. Since it appears that your theme is "reasons why marriages end in divorce" your first paragraph needs to focus exclusively on that topic. You also need to specify the region of the world you are discussing (United States? Canada? England?) and the period (the past 5 years? 10 years? century?).

Next, you need real numbers and information based on authoritative sources (such as government census data) to back up your claims (see the third reference below). Where can you find actual facts on the reasons for divorce? How reliable are those facts? 

There are many grammatical errors in the paper. One significant group of errors that needs to be addressed involves shifts in person and ensuing problems in pronoun reference. A paper can be written in first person (using the word "I"), in second person (directly addressing an audience as "you") or in third person (referring to individuals as "he", "she" or "they"). You need to decide on one of these and use it consistently throughout the entire essay. A phrase such as "Control their violent impulses and give your relationship the attention it deserves ..." is grammatically incorrect due to the shift from "their" to "your". Either you can write "You need to control your ..." or "They need to control their ....". Another example is "you've heard ... my partner ...  our marriage", which shifts from second to first person.