Can anyone help find the derivatives of a given function? 1) y=(lnx)/(3x-1+x^2) Thank's

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lfryerda eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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To find the derivative of the function, we need to use the quotient rule.  This means that the derivative is:

`y'={(1/x)(3x-1+x^2)-lnx(3+2x)}/(3x-1+x^2)^2`   simplify numerator


The derivative is `{3x-1+x^2-x(3+2x)lnx}/{x(3x-1+x^2)^2}` .

jakx789 | Student

Using the quotient rule,


we have :

[(1/x)(3x-1+x^2) - (lnx)(3+2x)] /(3x-1+x^2)^2

And then we clean this up:

[3-1/x + x - 3lnx -2xlnx]/(3x-1+x^2)^2

You could open the denominator but I think it's best if we leave it at this step.

Again, you could try further but it doesn't seem it would help.