can anyone give a start off of a story about a cat?  for a 4th grade level and about a cat that later got found from his owner.  thank you like for example a hurted cat that got cure by a family and afterthat when he was better he would be in all places nice and frendly..and the familiy that cured him fell soooo in love wiht the cat but at the end the owner found him and the fam that cure him felt soooo sad.

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I think that you might want to open with how lost and sad the family felt with the loss of the cat.  Usually in stories like these, immediately drawing from an emotional point of view might be a good way to pull the reader into the piece and allow an instant connection to be present.  At the same time, the loss of a family pet is something that can be immediately identified on multiple levels.  Another part of it would be to discuss how a child feels when a family pet disappears.  How they feel?  Do they "retrace" their steps in the belief that they can find the pet?  What feelings are they experiencing when they wake up the next morning and the cat is not present?  I think that asking these type s of questions can help to establish an emotional connection to the writing sample.

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