Can anyone give me a summary of what happens in Fahrenheit 451 for the last part of it? Include a few minor things that happen too. 

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In the last section of Fahrenheit 451, "Burning Bright," Montag and the firemen arrive at his house. Millie is leaving. Beatty has known for some time that Montag had books hidden in the house. Beatty coerces Montag to burn down his own house. Beatty finds out that Montag has been communicating to Faber through the use of an implant in his ear. Beatty tells Montag that he will trace Faber by using the earpiece. Montag then turns the flame-thrower on Beatty and kills him. Montag runs off to Faber's house. 

To avoid the pursuit of the Mechanical Hound, Faber helps Beatty disguise his scent. Faber plans to go to St. Louis. Montag heads for the river, dives in, and evades the Hound. Montag gets to land and follows the railroad tracks. He finds a man named Granger and some other people who are "book covers," people who have memorized books in order that their meaning will be preserved. They watch the manhunt (for Montag) until the authorities lie and say they've caught the fugitive. Granger says: 

They're faking it. You threw them off at the river. They can't admit it. They know they can only hold their audience for so long. 

The authorities then capture someone, declare it to be Montag, and hurriedly get their viewing public back to one of the mind-numbing programs that makes people (like Millie) into passive automatons. Montag is made the backup preserver of Ecclesiastes. He remains with Granger and the others, wandering and remembering knowledge from books, and returning to civilization when it needs them.