Can anyone give me information on the characters in James Michener's novel Chesapeake? (Background info, what they do, accomplishments, etc.)

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James Michener’s 1978 novel Chesapeake tells the history of the Chesapeake Bay along the mid-Atlantic Coast of the United States from 1583 to 1978 through the stories of families who lived on its banks and for whom the bay was a source of livelihood and drama.  Structured through a series of 14 “voyages,” each voyage a separate chapter, Michener’s novel traces American history from the settling of the region along Maryland’s Eastern Shore of Susquehannock Indians, through the period of the first English-speaking settlers, through the American Revolution, the Civil War, and much of the nation’s history, including the era of slavery, all the way up to the demise of the presidential administration of Richard Nixon.  In a novel of such historic sweep, it is not surprising that too many characters appear in its pages to list here.  What follows, therefore, is a list of the novel’s major characters, which revolve around the stories of three families, the...

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