Can anyone give a good thesis statement when discussing about Dilemma's in the play. URGENT! GOD BLESS!THANKS!

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kristenfusaro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A dilemma is a problem with two possible solutions. In order to create a thesis statement that best indicates a dilemma, it is first important to consider circumstances in Macbeth that had two possible outcomes.

Some examples:

1. Macbeth's determination to become king is a force inflicted upon him by the constraints of being masculine in 11th century Scotland.

2. Lady Macbeth's forceful outward appearance is a falsehood masked by her internal femininity.

3. Pathetic fallacy, as demonstrated in Macbeth, illuminates Shakespeare's belief in a karmic universe.


rebamathew | Student

well um......first i need to know wat a dilemma is!!!

srry i dont think i can help u in dis question!