Can anyone find a good topic sentence for all of the topics below?The job of waiter Restaurants in our town The worst meal I've ever eaten

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before writing a topic sentence, it is often advisable to consider the types of support that you can use.  Asking yourself how you can make an interesting paragraph is also helpful in composing a paragraph that will not be banal.

To create a topic sentence ask "What about it [the topic]?  For instance, with the topic of "the job of waiter," ask what about the job of waiter?  Your answer is the topic sentence.  An example may be something like this:  Patience, alacrity, and politeness are three qualities essential to the job of waiter.

One for the restaurants in town:  There is little variety in the restaurants of our town.

One for the worst meal I have ever eaten:  The first meal I ever cooked myself was probably the worst meal that I have ever eaten.

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pamelaknows | Student

topic sentence for The job of waiter:

Many people take the job of  waiter because it is a quick way to earn money.

topic sentence for Restaurants in our town:

The restaurants in our town offer a variety of cuisine, prices, and atmosphere.

topic sentence for The worst meal I've ever eaten:

I often enjoy eating Italian food, but on this particular night, it was the worst meal I’ve ever eaten.