Can anyone find five questions that drive the plot of the play? And explain why Shakespeare poses them as questions and not as answers?

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Actually, the playwright is the creator of his play and fully knows its plot where every thing is fixed from introduction to denouement. He solves all riddles of life. The readers get all the knowledge about any erupting question.
I will try to satisfy you.
01.” Frailty thou thy name of woman?”
It is very philosophical quotation and Hamlet utters when he is trapped in serious complexities. His anger is with his mother because she remarries. He says the sentence and satisfies him but there is no explanation. So, it lies on the teacher to interpret it.
02.To be or not to be?
It helps a lot to move the drama, because it reveals the mentality of the character and the writer by this riddle tries to get his character won sympathies. It shows deep knowledge of the writer and verifies that the hero is not crazy. Besides, the hero saves himself from committing serious flaw.
03. Why did Hamlet not kill Claudius though he was in prayer?
It again shows his scholarly point but he was unaware of it that such events would lead him to delay that will cause of hi death.
04. Why did Hamlet kill Polinus?
Ok, he killed this one unknowingly and did not know it will be cause of losing his love and standing enmity between him and leads him to his tragedy.
05. Why did Claudius arrange combat between Hamlet and Laerates?
This question made the tragedy real but Claudius was unaware of the end. He tried to get the both killed but along with them he, too, lost his life.

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