Can anyone detail the Missouri Compromise of 1820?I would like to know the various obstacles that were needed to be solved in order to complete the deal.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In December of 1818 a bill was placed into the hands of congressmen to allow Missouri to be acknowledged as an independent state of the United Sates.  The bill wanted Missouri to be permitted to have slaves.  One of the obstacles was that issue of slavery.  The Northern representatives did not want Missouri to have any slaves.  They wanted a free state and they wanted any slaves located in the territory of Missouri to be freed.  The Southern representatives wanted the state to retain their right to have slaves.  The on-going debate and argument progressed for the next two years until Mr. Jesse B. Thomas, a senator from Illinois, created what was to be known as the Missouri Compromise.

Main would break away from Massachusetts and become its own state and it would be a slave free state.  Missouri would become a state and be a slave state.  No territory above the 30-36 parallel would be permitted slaves and the balance would be maintained in Congress.

"Northern congressmen felt aggrieved by the power of the South in national affairs. Southerners dominated national politics through the operation of the Three-Fifths Compromise. Northerners were also angry at the policies of the two presidents from Virginia, Jefferson (1801–1809) and James Madison (1809–1817)"

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