Can anyone can help me analyse the character of Crusoe with examples?

Expert Answers
merehughes eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several character traits which make Robinson Crusoe, the narrator, an interesting character.

First of all, he goes against the conventions of his society and his family by taking to the sea.  His family was middle class and would have imagined a different kind of lifestyle for him.  As the son of a middle class family, an education and later a job in business would have been more expected.

Another character trait is that he is not initially brave or courageous.  This helps the reader identify with him. Through the narrative, Crusoe tests his own strength and grows as a person. He must learn how to deal with his loneliness and his fear.  

Because he is a product of civilization, he is not prepared to deal with the harsh reality of his situation.  He must learn how to make weapons and procure food for himself.  The fact that he can do this shows us his intelligence and his ingenuity.  

At the end of the novel, he has become the hero and the most knowledgeable.  The reader sees this progression of helpless shipwrecked man to hero as he saves a crew and its mutineers from cannibals and eventually arrives back in Europe.