Can anybody provide an alternative ending for "An Astrologer's Day" without adding any characters?

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I provided four possible endings below:

Perhaps, you could change the ending by having Guru Nayak recognize the astrologer. They could have a confrontation about the time the astrologer stabbed him with the knife. Nayak could fight with the astrologer and stab him, leaving him for dead. Then, after Guru Nayak fled the scene, someone could pass by and hear the astrologer groaning. The passerby could get medical help for the astrologer and save his life. Then Nayak could be even with the astrologer.

Another possible ending could be that Guru Nayak could recognize the astrologer and the two of them could perhaps talk out the problem. Since it had been years ago, perhaps the astrologer could apologize and Guru Nayak could accept his apology and some money as payment for the deed of stabbing him years ago. Guru could tell how he had been down on his luck. He could thank the astrologer for everything, and the ending could be a happy one.

If you would prefer, you could have Guru recognize the astrologer. The two of them could fight. In self defense, the astrologer could actually kill Guru Nayak this time. Then the astrologer could rid himself of the guilt he had carried all these years, realizing that someone like Guru Nayak is always looking for trouble. In self defense, the astrologer would realize that he had to kill Guru Nayak.Then his conscience would be cleared in that Nayak was an unreasonable man.

You could have Guru Nayak recognize the astrologer. The two could have a violent argument. Then the astrologer's wife and children could come looking for the astrologer and save the astrologer from being killed. In the face of the astrologer's children, Guru Nayak could feel apologetic for being so aggressively violent with the children's father. Guru and the astrologer could calm down, apologize one to another. Then the astrologer could invite Guru to his home for a late night dinner. The two of them could sit down to a hearty meal and talk out their differences after all these years or the astrologer could poison him at dinner.