Can anybody help me with my brochure on obesity?You have the freedom to target different age groups (preschool, elementary, etc), different genders, different ethnicities, and even different health...

Can anybody help me with my brochure on obesity?

You have the freedom to target different age groups (preschool, elementary, etc), different genders, different ethnicities, and even different health populations (autistism, mental retardation, etc). You also have the option of targeting different audiences (children, parents, nurses, etc) The information that you will need to include on your brochure will be dependent upon who you are targeting and who you are presenting it to. Make sure you include the following:

  • Background Research on the Issue
  • Health Consequences and Health Benefits
  • Different Behaviors that Need to be Targeted

o   Nutrition, Physical Activity, Self-Esteem, Etc.

  • Coping and Social Support

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According to your assignment's instructions, you have the freedom to choose the parameters of your study and the audience you wish to reach.  I think, therefore, you must decide those factors first.  Then, you will be able to start gathering data, health information, and statistics for your report. Having presented all the facts, you can then move on to the psychological factors that trigger obesity and what can be done about it. 

For instance, if I wanted to talk about obesity in elementary-aged girls, I have narrowed my topic down to an age and gender parameter.  then I could expand it into a particular ethnic group (i.e. obesity in elementary-aged African American girls).  I could even restrict it to a certain region of the country.  I would really be specific at that point.  Then I would start researching and compiling my data with those particular targets in mind.

Then, assuming I have my report written, maybe I want to present it elementary-aged girls across the country, with an emphasis on African American girls, in an effort to help that particular sector of the population learn how to overcome or prevent obesity.  Of course, this is just one example as there are many different ways to do this.

Regardless of which group I've targeted, my final section would be on nutrition and diet, as this information is all-inclusive for all sectors of the population.  The psychology of obesity would be the same, too.

I hope this helps you. 



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High cholesterol and triglycerides leading to heart disease. Type 2 diabetes. Orthopedic issues such as back pain and knee problems. Higher incidence of certain cancers. Options for weight loss such as diet, exercise, lap band surgery, etc.

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