Can any one tell me the function of antidiuretic hormone and aldosterone in urinary system also tell me what happens in the ascending and descending limb of loop of henle

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Antidiuretic hormone is also called ADH or vasopressin. It plays a very important role in the kidneys as it regulates water, salt, and glucose in the blood. It basically regulates how the body retains water. The body releases this hormone when it gets dehydrated. It tells the kidneys to reduce the amount of urine being made and in doing so more water is retained in the body.

The hormone aldosterone has to do with the reabsorption of water and salt in the body. It is made in the adrenal glands. Aldosterone is secreted when the body is low on salt. This signals the body to retain water and salt, preventing dehydration.

The Loop of Henle plays a very important role in the kidneys. It basically is a filter that filters out excess salt and helps to maintain the right amount of water in the body.

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