All My Sons Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Can any one summarize the whole plot of All My Sons into 3 pages?

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Three pages is too long for a Q & A.  Here is a basic summary of the play (supplement this using the Enotes summary):

All My Sons by Arthur Miller opens in the backyard of the Keller home.  Overnight, their apple tree, which was planted in memory of their son Larry who has not returned from the war, has been knocked down in a storm.  The men in the family want to keep Kate, Larry's mother, from seeing the tree because the sight of it will upset her.  As the play continues, the conflict regarding Joe Keller and Steve Deever unfolds:  Steve has been sent to jail for knowingly shipping faulty machine parts that caused the deaths of many pilots in the war, but Joe has been deemed innocent of the charges.  Joe's innocence is called into question particularly when Deever's daughter Ann enters into a relationship with Chris.  Ann's brother George arrives at the home after visiting Steve in prison and confronts Joe.  In the end, Ann reveals a letter from Larry suggesting his suicide mission, and Joe admits that he ordered Steve to ship the parts.  Joe commits suicide at the end of the play.

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