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Please help me with the theme and analysis of different key lines from The Man of Destiny by Geroge Bernard Shaw.

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The central theme of Shaw's play, The Man of Destiny, is illustrated in the title: destiny hinges upon single remarks and occurrences that turn of the tides of life. Shaw illustrates this theme in the dual of wills between General Bonaparte and the Lady over who will possess the mail dispatched to Bonaparte and, more importantly, who will possess knowledge of the contents of one particular letter. The Lady, while in disguise, stole Bonaparte's mail while it was en route to him in order to liberate a letter written by Josephine to her paramour Director Barras, which was maliciously forwarded to Bonaparte with evil intent toward Josephine. In this willful dual, Shaw illustrates that Bonaparte has several chances to change the course of his destiny by how he does or does not react to the situation and to the words the Lady speaks. A pivotal example of this is when she, almost overpowered by Bonaparte's efforts to keep control of his newly gained mail, says:

LADY (springing up with a bright...

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