Can anyone explain in detail about the pre-raphaelite poets? Why are they so described? Examine some of their main characteristics.

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The PRB, or the Pre Raphaelite- Brotherhood aimed to bring back the Classical style of poetry by inspiring a heightened sensitivity in the relationships between the physical and the spiritual, the material and the ethereal, the symbolic and the concrete. They first came to the London Victorian circle of poets in 1849-1850 and continued their influence until the works of the fin de siecle.

In easier words, they would over-describe and bring emotional meaning to what is real, and make what is abstract and untouchable, like the feeling of love for example, into a concrete object through the use of metaphor and simile.

There is a lot of elaborate description, the personification of things in nature, such as in the story the Nightingale and the Rose from Pre-Raphaelite Oscar Wilde. They are also famous for their ideas of Greek Aestheticism, the love for the unattainable romance, the intensity of beauty, the sensuality of using specific words that give melodic sounds and sensual connotations to poetry.

Wilde, Swinburne, the Rossetis, and to a point Alfred Lord Tennyson shared a love for both Pre-Raphaelite art and poetry, as well as with Aestheticism.