Could Africa develop if it had more schools and technology? How can it can compete with the rest of the world? 

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If African countries had more schools and more technology, they would probably be able to develop to some degree.  However, this does not mean that they would automatically be able to compete with the rest of the world.  Africa’s problem is not simply a problem of a lack of schools and a lack of technology.

More and better schools and technology would surely help Africa develop.  More good schools would mean more Africans who are well-educated and therefore able to take good jobs.  It would be better for the continent if more people were qualified for jobs as things like engineers rather than being qualified only for low-paying jobs.  Better technology might do things like providing more clean water for African villagers.  This would keep them healthier and allow them to be more economically productive.

But these things alone would not make Africa competitive.  There are other things that are important.  Two such things are infrastructure and better government.  African countries tend not to have good roads or good power generation and distribution grids.  Without these things, they cannot have consistent electric power to produce goods or good transportation systems to move the goods easily and quickly from place to place.  Without good governments, African countries lose much of their resources to things like theft by government officials.  These are major issues that stand in the way of development and competitiveness and which would not be completely solved by education or technology.

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