Can 3 line segments of any length be used to create a triangle.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A triangle is a geometrical figure made of three sides, but the sides cannot take on any length. If the lengths of the line segments are a, b and c it is possible to create a triangle only if all three of the following conditions are satisfied. a + b > c, a + c > b and b + c > a. If the length of any one side is greater than the sum of the length of the other two, the line segments cannot be used to create a triangle.

It is possible to create a triangle using 3 line segments if the sum of the lengths of any two line segments is greater than the length of the third.

bnjbailey | Student

No 3 segments of a tranigle no thats impossible!!

najm1947 | Student

If the 3 line segments (a, b and c) are so assigned their names that the length of a is not less than any of the other two b or c.

Then triangle can be constructed if and only if a < b+c.

If a = b+c, then a, b and c will form a straight line and not a triangle.

If a > b+c, it is not posible to construct the triangle.