Compare and contrast the poems "Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd" by Sir Walter Raleigh and "The Passionate Shepherd To His Love" by Marlowe.

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While these two poems are related (specifically, one is the "answer" to the other) and share many things, they are fundamentally two different types of poetry.  Let us first look at the superficial differences and similarities, and move to the deeper ones.

The meter (that is, the number of syllables and beats per line, and the placement of the stressed syllables) is very similar -- although not exactly so -- in these two poems.  Specifically Ralegh (his name, like Marlowe's, can be spelled several different ways -- Elizabethan spelling is not an exact science!) is copying, with slight changes, Marlowe's "Come (or to or then) live with me and be my love" line (lines 1, 20, and 24 of Marlowe, lines 4, 20, and 24 of Ralegh) for which Marlowe's poem became famous, so the meter would have to match in order to fit this line into a poem with any sort of regularity.  The meter of both poems is a very regular iambic tetrameter (4 beats to the line), with the vast majority of the...

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