Call It Courage Questions and Answers
by Armstrong Sperry

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In Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry, do Kivi and Uri share boar meat?

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The answer to this question can be found on p. 68 of Call It Courage.  There, the author at least implies that Uri will share in the meat of the boar, but he clearly states that Kivi does not eat the meat.

On p. 66, Mafatu kills the boar with the spear that he has made.  He cleans the pig and stuffs it on p. 67 and puts it into the underground oven that many Pacific island cultures use to cook things like pigs.  On p. 68, the author tells us about the actual feast.  He does not specifically tell us that Uri had any of the boar meat.  However, he does imply that Uri will.  He says that, as the boar cooked, “Uri leaped about, sniffing at the delicious odors, barking his delight.  Pork! … how good it would taste!”  From this, it is clear that Mafatu is going to give Uri some of the meat even though, later on the page, the author describes Mafatu eating but does not specifically describe him giving any food to Uri.

On the other hand, it is clear that Kivi, the albatross, will not eat any boar meat.  On p. 68, he says “Kivi, no meat eater, looked on calmly…”  He goes on to say that Kivi would “join in the feast” by eating a coconut that Mafatu would split open for him.  From these quotes, we can see that Uri almost certainly does eat the boar meat but that Kivi does not.

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