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California spends most of its annual budget on: A. education and health and human services B. prisons and other correctional facilitiesC. fire and police departmentsD. interest and principal payments on long-term debt E. salaries for politicians

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The best answer to this question is Option A.  As you can see in the chart that is in the link below, the majority of California’s state government spending goes to providing health, education, and human services.  The other options are not close to being right.

As we can see in the chart, health care accounts for 36% of California government spending.  Education accounts for another 16%.  Those two categories alone account for 52%, or the majority of spending.  Welfare, which can be seen as a type of human services, adds another 10%.  Clearly, Option A is the right answer.

Meanwhile, the other answers are clearly wrong.  “Protection,” which would include prisons and police forces, only accounts for 6% of spending.  Interest is only 4% of spending.  Finally, “general government” as a whole, is only 3% and most of that does not go to “politicians’ salaries.”

We can see, then, that all of the options other than A are clearly wrong and Option A is clearly the right answer.

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