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In California, the proposition that established the amount of tax paid on a person's home wasA. Prop 4 B. Prop 13C. Prop 25 D. Prop 58 E. Prop 98

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The correct answer to this question is Option B.  None of the other options is about the amount of tax paid on homes.  In addition, Prop 13 is famous for having limited property taxes in California.

Let us look at why the other answers are clearly wrong.  Prop 4 was about requiring parents to be notified before their daughters had abortions.  Prop 25 said that the legislature could pass a budget by a simple majority vote rather than by the 2/3 majority previously required.  Prop 58 was at least about property tax, but it was not about the amount of property tax.  Instead, it was about what happened to property tax when a person got property from a parent or grandparent.  Finally Prop 98 was about the required level of funding for education in California.

This leaves Prop 13.  This proposition, passed in 1978, is famous.  It reduced the amount of property tax that could be imposed on people’s homes and it reduced the amount that the tax could rise each year.  Please follow the link below for more details.  Clearly Option B is the correct answer here.

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