Calculus II please answer all the questions with detail explanation

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1. The given series is:


The terms in the given series can be rewritten as:

`ln(n/(n+1))= lnn-ln(n+1)`

a) Therefore, the nth partial sum,

`S_n=a_1+a_2+a_3+ . . . +a_n`

`=(ln1-ln2)+(ln2-ln3)+(ln3-ln4)+ . . . +(lnn-ln(n+1))`

`=ln1-ln2+ln2-ln3+ln3-ln4+ . . . +lnn-ln(n+1)`



b) Sum of the given series is:



`=lim_(n->oo) (-ln(n+1))`


Hence the given series diverges.